Welcome to the introduction page of our affiliate system. We are selling custom designs succesfully and want to grow worldwide. Thats why we invite you to join our team and grow with us we can’t promis you fast Cash like others do but we can promis you a long term income generating system. Some people that joined our affiliate team earns between 30-500 $ per month with facebook group promoting sales.

Our Catalog::

What Are The Commisions Per Sale?

We give a $5.20 comission per sale our products are between $18,99 and $26,99 it doesn’t make a difference in which products you sell $5,20 is our standard comission rate per sale this counts for every product in our shop. Because of our cheap price you can have a lot of sales and conversion rates if you take is seriously.

We have a 60 days cookie period that means that if somone clicks on your link and doesn’t buy anything but if he comes back to our store and makes a purchase within 60 days then you will earn also your $5.20 commission per sale.

How And Where To Sell These Products?

Our affiliates have the most successful stores and sales when they create a facebook group and add people and promote our products on their page. You can create a facebook page and start Promoting to USA we mostly sell to USA so keep in mind to promote your affiliate link to USA Customers. We saw 40% increase in sales that was created by facebook groups.
80% of our affiliates are successful with facebook groups approach.

How Does Our System Work?

How to create your own affiliate link and start earning.

  1. Search on our website and find the product you like to promote and copy the URL/Link of the page.
  2. Paste your URL/Link on the (Referral URL Generator) to generate your unique Link.
  3. After pasting the URL click (Generate Referral URL)
  4. Copy The Refferal URL that is associated with your account you can promote that link now.
    İf somone clicks and buys with your link you will earn your comission.

You can create and manage everything that has to do with your affiliate accout on the section (Affiliate With Us).

Payment Methods And Threshold?

We accept payouts to;

Our threshold for cashout is $20.

How To Cashout Your Money?

We don’t pay automatically every month even if you get over your treshold you need to send a payout request.

Payout request is easy and simple.

Mail to Printproco@gmail.com with the following request.

Example Mail:

Payout Request


İ want to cashout $60 of my account balance.

Name: Emma Dillon

Registered Affiliate Mail: PrintProCo@gmail.com.


Emma Dillon

We will make the payment in 1 business day after we receive your payout request.

How To Start?

When registering please only fill in the payment option that you prefer to be paid with. İf you want to get paid with Western Union then you can leave the payment options blank.

You can click on menu and register and fill in your personal details. After Registration we will send you a email with your password if you didn’t receive Your password, look in your spam box. After you received your password you can login change your password and create affiliate links and start making money.

İf you have any questions please contact us.

Refer A Friend And Earn Comissions Without Selling!

Refer a friend or somone and when he makes a sale then you will also earn comission!
You can find your referral ID on your (Affiliate Dashoard} Creatives} under your affiliate ID Check Picture)

How Does İt Work?

When you reffer your friend make sure to give your referral ID to him. He needs to fill in the referral ID in when creating an affiliate account.

You can earn $0,60 per sale of your referral (Lifetime).